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Dr. Marc Safran

Dr. Safran was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1959 and attended Princeton University receiving magna cum laude honors in computer science. After a year off backpacking in Europe and Asia, he completed his medical training at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He then received a degree with honors from the University of Illinois in Ophthalmology followed by a fellowship year at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. He relocated to Syracuse with his wife Mary Jumbelic, MD who served as the Onondaga County Medical Examiner and with whom he raised three sons. Dr. Safran has strong working relationships with area family practitioners, pediatricians, ophthalmologists and optometrists and is an associate faculty professor at Upstate Medical Center.
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Dr. Safran has volunteered for eye missions in Bolivia, India, Ecuador and Vietnam. Working with "Healing the Children" and "Face the Future" he has performed surgery on indigent children and adults. The trips are gratifying allowing services to the unfortunate while experiencing a foreign culture. You are welcome to view mission photographs and video providing narrative of prior visits. Photographs from a recent Healing the Children mission to Hue, Vietnam in 2011 are viewable here.
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Combining the visual and the artistic, Dr. Safran does professional photography in the Syracuse area. He uses a downtown studio at the Delavan Center where he collaborates with artists. His online portfolios are viewable at www.marcsafran.com. The work is non-commercial and profits are donated to local to charitable organizations.