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Pediatric Eye Surgery

Strabismus surgery is the most frequent eye surgery performed on children. By loosening or tightening extraocular muscles eye misalignments can be corrected. The muscles reside just along the front surface of the eye and are manipulated through small incisions with self-dissolving sutures.
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A typical appearance of a child one day after strabismus surgery. Most children are back to regular activities within a day after surgery.
Tear Duct Obstructions are treated by passing a thin flexible blunt wire down the blocked tear duct. No incisions are made and once the duct is opened and dilated it is irrigated with fluid to ensure it's patency.
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Three pairs of muscles - a horizontal, vertical and oblique set - all combine to provide accurate eye movements. The insertions of each muscle are just behind the colored parts of each eye and are easily accessible to the surgeon.