A clear truth about our lenses

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We provide you with the best optics available at great value.

From our initial refraction to the measuring and ordering of your lenses, we get your lens order quickly to our laboratory. There your lenses are surfaced with precision machining, edged to fit your frames and then coated to reduce glare. They are then fitted into your frames.

Each lens is carefully inspected, both at the lab and at our office, to check it's accuracy.

Every lens is both guaranteed to make you see your best and last a year against damage.

These will be the best lenses you have owned.

It's that clear.

Lens Styles and Types = Choice

Lens Styles:
Single vision, Progressive Free Form, Bifocal, Trifocal, Computer Glass, Reading Glass

Lens Material:

Polycarbonate, High Index, Transitions, Drive Wear, Safety Glass

Lens Coatings:

Anti-reflective coating, Crizal, sunglass, scratch protection

All our lenses are produced in Syracuse by a leading national company called US Optical. They have been close working suppliers to our office since we opened and share our dedication to excellence.
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Free Form Lens Technology = Precision

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Older and simpler lens technology used a uniform, rigid grinding (or surfacing) of lenses to create the optics needed to focus. Now, advances in computerized control allow surfacing to be done in a free and non-radial fashion. This Free Form Technology gives a more fluid and smooth blending of optical zones with minimal distortion.

Free Form lenses are not available in most dispensaries. It is our routine choice for all progressive lenses.