Do I need to see my general doctor before the surgery?

Yes, you must schedule and get a pre-operative clearance from your doctor. Even though the cataract procedure is quick we must have the proper okay from your doctor in writing. Otherwise we cannot do the surgery.

How long does the surgery take? Is it painful?

The typical cataract surgery, which is done under a microscope with a light state of sedation, takes about fifteen minutes. For the most part, there is little to no pain although might feel occasional discomfort or burning. If you tell us you're uncomfortable, we can provide you with more anesthetic or sedative.

Can I get both eyes done at once?

No. Each eye is done separately. This is because we only proceed with the second eye after the first eye is seeing well and has no signs of healing problems. They can be scheduled close together though -- often within the same month.

When do I need to stop eating?

Typically we ask patients to hold on any eating or drinking after midnight before surgery. You can take your regular pills with a small sip of water. Those patients taking diabetes medicines should defer from taking them as we don't want your sugar to be too low.

Do I have to stop my Coumadin or aspirin before surgery?

No. Because the surgery avoids any blood vessels, there is minimal chance of bleeding and you can take your anticoagulants.

Am I awake or asleep during the surgery?

Sort of between the two. You will receive intravenous sedation which makes you very relaxed and somewhat sleepy without full anaesthesia. Your eye will be numb with both drops and special eye medicines. We keep your eye open with a fine wire speculum so you can't blink. We will watch you carefully to make sure you cooperate and are comfortable.

Where is the surgery done?

At the Specialty Surgery center located at 225 Greenfield Parkway in Liverpool (on Buckley Road -- near Carousel Mall). It is one of the busiest eye surgery centers in the region and has a dedicated staff of more than sixty professionals. For more information, visit them here.

Your office gave me the date of surgery, but not the time. When do I show up?

The actual time of your surgery and your arrival time will be set by the surgery center close to the actual date. They will call you within two days prior to surgery to confirm your arrival time.

Do I need to take eye drops before?

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.19.33 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.16.30 PMYes. We want our patients to start each of their drops — the antibiotic (Ciprofloxacin) and the steroid (Prednisolone Acetate) four times daily TWO DAYS AHEAD of the surgery date. So, if your surgery is on a Thursday, start the drops Tuesday morning. Or, if your surgery is on a Tuesday, start them on Sunday morning.

How long is the entire visit to the Surgery Center?

Between checking in, having your eye dilated, undergoing the surgery and spending time in the recovery area, plan on four hours. It may well be shorter or occasionally longer, but this is a good estimate of your time commitment.

Can I drive myself that day?

Definitely not. You will not be alert enough to drive yourself home safely. If you cannot get a ride to or from the Surgery Center, a car service will be provided to you free by the Center.

Will my eye be red after surgery?

Usually not, but sometimes a superficial blood vessel can bleed and make the eye red or puffy immediately afterwards.

Will I have an eye patch after surgery?

No. We don't have you wear a patch. You can go home with the eye open. This is much more comfortable and allows you to begin seeing right away, although the vision is usually blurry for the first 12 hours.